Asia is always fascinating. It is such a versatile, interesting and vast continent. And the Asian culture encompasses a few millennia, that is palpable almost everywhere. Between 1987 and today, I was 9 times able to travel around and to see something of the continent. Traveling on my own, with travel companions Barbara or Brigitte, or with my wife Sibylle. And Sibylle and I are not finished yet!

Most Asian countries are quickly developing, often at an unbelievable pace. Mostly, these countries have been waiting for decades to get a chance making a big leap forward. As soon as the process of development starts in earnest, they don’t give up anymore. This is especially true for South-East Asia and India. Only in countries like Pakistan, the development seems to go in the reverse direction. Very pity, the Pakistan people are so kind.

Traveling trough Asia is usually very relaxed. We have tried almost all means of transport. Public transportation in any form, car and motor bike rental and a few times we have chartered a car with driver for a few weeks. If you want to organize a trip yourself, Asia is very well suited for that. Travelers usually did that, based on information in the “Lonely Planet” that covered the area they were visiting. Today it is very easy and comfortable to plan your trip via internet. We did our trips to Sri Lanka (2011) and Malaysia (2013) that way.

In the end, I hope to make all Asia trips available on this website. And to give the visitor an overview of +/- 35 years of Asia traveling. But for now, already a few trips are available. Please find the relevant links below.

1995 Burma (via Thailand), travelling through a mystical country at a time when there were no tourists

2011 Sri Lanka tour and several weeks of “living like a local” in Kandy in 2016, 2017, 2019 and 2020

2013 Malaysia, criss-cross through one of the Asian Tigers

Direct to the photo galleries:

1995 Thailand, a relaxed stay on our way to Burma, photo gallery

1995 Burma, travelling through a mystical country, photo gallery

2011 Sri Lanka tour and “living like a local” in Kandy in 2016, 2017, 2019 and 2020, photo gallery

2013 Malaysia, one of the Asian Tigers, photo gallery