1995 Burma

The pictures shown in this photo gallery were made in 1995 during a trip through Burma (Myanmar). I made this trip together with my German friend and travel partner Brigitte. An itinerary of our trip can be seen here.

It was a few years before Burma really opened up. We wanted to see Burma as it was. In those days, the only possibility to travel through Burma, was to organize it yourself. And that was what we did. And we loved it! A beautiful country with very friendly people. And no tourists! The other side of the coin was that the tourist infrastructure was almost lacking completely. But to us, that was far more preferable.

The most practical thing to do was to fly to Bangkok first and then to organize a flight to Rangoon (Yangon). That meant that we had to spend a few days in Bangkok. It gave us the possibility to stroll around in Thailand for a few days. Thai food is delicious and the Thai people are very kind. So, waiting for our flight to Burma was simply relaxing. For a photographer, Thailand is very inspiring, so I made a dedicated photo gallery of our stay in Bangkok.

For more details, please visit the Dutch or German description, or go directly to the photo gallery of our Burma trip or to the photo gallery of our stay in Thailand.