2013 Malaysia

The pictures shown in this photo gallery were made in 2013 during a trip through Malaysia. My wife Sibylle and I made this trip because we wanted to see with our own eyes how Malaysia, one of the Asian Tigers, was developing itself. And we were very impressed! An itinerary of our trip can be seen here.

It was not our purpose to travel from one tourist attraction to another. Instead we wanted to travel “like a local”. For that purpose we travelled by a hired car for two weeks over the Malaysian peninsula. We did a lot of walking through the town centres of Malacca, Ipoh and Georgetown. After that we used the same recipe to explore Serawak and Sabah a bit. And to top it off, we spent some days in Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia is very easy to travel. Good roads and an excellent network of domestic flights combined with all kind of public transport. People are friendly and it is easy to get in contact with them. And if you want, you can quickly learn the different points of view from the several ethnic groups that live in the country.

Almost all pictures are taken by Sibylle with a Canon S95 camera a digital point-and-shoot camera. Back home, Bert did some editing in Adobe Lightroom. It is amazing what is possible these days with a camera, the size of a pack of cigarettes, that fits in your shirt pocket.

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