Crossing the Brenner pass, winter 34

Together with friends, my dad (sitting on the bumper), just picked up his sister and brother-in-law (the couple standing arm in arm) in Genoa. A few weeks before they had left Batavia (Djakarta), to spend their leave in Europe. In those days it was common practice for travellers, to drop-off before the final destination, the city of Rotterdam. This enabled them to sightsee a little bit in Europe. We are writing February 1934.

Dad Brenner pass

The picture has been taken on the Austrian Brenner Pass. The car is a Willy’s Overland equiped with a 6 cylinder sleeve-valve engine. A very rare engine construction. The combustion chamber above the piston is not opened and closed via traditional poppet valves. But via moving sleeve-valves. The so called Knight Patent.