1981 Algeria and the Sahara

The pictures shown in this photo gallery were made in 1981 during a trip through the Sahara. The focal point was the Algerian Sahara. An itinerary of our trip can be seen here. To us the Sahara was very impressive.

We made this trip as a group of 4 friends. Most of us had already quite some travel and “4X4” experience. But the Sahara was new to us. We equipped a Land Rover 109, series II A for the purpose. The car once let us down in earnest. But we were able to repair it. At another occasion we almost got lost, because the main track had faded away because of dust storms. But by means of a sextant and maps from the US Airforce (GPS was not available in those days), we were able to determine our position and to return to the main track.

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