1986 Niger and the Aïr mountains

The pictures shown in this photo gallery were made in 1986 during a trip through the Sahara. The focal point was the Aïr Mountains in the Republic of Niger. An itinerary of our trip through the Aïr Mountains can be seen here.

For this trip I used a Mercedes 300GD, equipped with Michelin sand tyres and an additional tank for 320 litre diesel. In the car I made an interior of steel tubing. It was possible to sleep in the car and at the same time to store all luggage and equipment in its interior. That gave a low centre of gravity. An unbeatable combination.

For more details, please visit the Dutch or German description, or go directly to the photo gallery. If you are particularly interested in the Rock Art found in the Aïr mountains, this dedicated photo gallery might be of interest to you.