Photography is something I have always loved. And I started to practise it when I was young. Probably I inherited it from my mother. But I have also another thing in my genes. Both via her and my father, I love to travel. And for me, that started when I was a kid. Around 1959, my father had built a beautiful camper. In those days well-equipped campers where simply not for sale. As a family we used that camper over a period of 15 years for vacations. What is learned in the cradle is carried to the tomb.

In 1975, together with 2 study friends, I had the opportunity to travel through the southern part of Africa in our own Land Rover. That released the “travel virus” in earnest. Especially Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and Botswana where impressive. And I have the feeling that we got a last glimpse of untouched Africa.

Later I was able to visit many more countries. Always “self organized” and together with travel friends or with my partner. We always prioritized those countries which were relatively untouched. In those days that was applicable to countries like Thailand; Tibet, Burma India or Namibia. Or countries where it was the question how long these countries would remain safe to travel. Beautiful countries like Algeria, Mali, Niger and Pakistan. These are at the present moment unfortunately very unsafe to travellers.

In doing so, I was able over the past decennia to create an archive of thousands of colour slides. Slides taken from a world which, for a large part, doesn’t exist anymore. These slides are still projected on a regular basis. But, of course, it is much more fun to share them with people who could be interested in them as well. And that is why I decided to bring a selection on-line. That is a very time consuming process. Make a selection of the slides, scan them, if necessary correct the colours, and retouch them. But the first pictures are available on the site. And there will be more to follow. I hope you like them. Maybe it even inspires you to plan a trip yourself. Or you find information about an area you once visited yourself. Enjoy!

Here, you get directly to the trips through Asia and the Sahara.

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